Friday, October 1, 2010

Winners gain Everything......

In a 2x2 game, one wins and another looses. To elaborate, we should find that how much the winner is going to gain in the game and how much the loser is going to loose. The charisma is not in the winning but in the techniques and methods, one applied in winning!
Everything is in Boolean phenomenon. In one side, (that is,internal) we have resource,power,capital,police and what not and in the other side of the coin(perhaps external) we have application,work done,ploughing back of capital,riots etc..etc.. Inject less resource and gain more output from the resource applied.Like that lesser police personnel (comparing to the requirement) is to be deployed to control anti social elements in a vulnerable territory.That is the sucess of a good Administration!
Put less strain to win a big battle!
It is interesting to note that one side is within our control and the other is beyond our control. The success lies in how we apply.
In a market, for a business house, the supply is internal (controllable) and the demand is external (beyond our control). A sucessful businessman forecasts his demand and adjusts his supply accordingly. Thereby the pricing wizard is in his hands
We can apply this principle in Management techniques also. When a Boss exercises more power than the required, he becomes powerless in the long run.
Keep it in mind that resources are always in scarce and we should apply them justifiably!
And so,
Accelerate Less !
Gain More momentum !!!