Monday, May 10, 2010

Where Both Ends will meet ?

Sometimes a company recruits Artisans and Direct workers after a long gap,
due to some expansion programme. The ultimate result is there exists the problem of inter-personal relationships. When there is a gradual increase of recruitment in anticipation of
superannuation and labour turnover, the relationship between the existing employees
and the new recruits is coridal and there is a good understanding of both class of employees.
Moreover, there exists a brotherhood relationship among the employees and it will be adjusted in the short run.

On the other hand, when there is recruitment ban and after a time gap of roughly twenty years, it is lifted and new recruits are peeped in, there comes the problem. There exist a mis-match between existing workers and new recruits. Here, the relationship is like a fatherhood relationship. Nodoubt in fatherhood relationship, the generation gap prevails which leads to strained relationship. Usually, the older employees want to retain their position at any cost and the new recruits want to establish their technological competance over the existing elderly workers. There may be a chance of rivalry between themselves. When the rivalry developed, the first casualty is communication. When there is no clear communication, in the long run the peril will quash the very mission of the corporate entity it self. Imagine in a shift , the partners in a Lathe is in different age group?

On the other hand, it is interesting to see that in the Top level , there is no vast diffence in ages. Unstructred decions are taken by the Strategic Leaders in the same age-group it self?
Then why there is a long age gap among operational level people?
Let us anticipate the Problems :
1. Psychological fear among Old Employees.
2. Their productivity will be decreased.
3. Working Environment will be disturbed.
4. Mis-match between Older and New recruits.
5. Strained Relationship.
6. Poor Communication.
7. Value added per Worker reduced.
8. Low Turn-over.

In the present scenario, World Class Companies switch over the focus from Customer to their Working force. How we can escape?
Can anybody guess how the panecea will be overcome?
Your valuable ideas are very much solicited.